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Mount Saint Helens Website
More Info on MtStHelens.
Mount Saint Helens Eruption.
Effects of Mt St Helens.
MtSt Helens Ending.

A picture of Mount Saint Helens

Here You will learn about why Mount saint helens erupted, how and when it erupted. I hope you enjoy this website.


Mount Saint Helens
8365 ft (2550 m)     9677 ft (2950 m) before May 18, 1980 .
Location: Cascade Range, southern Washington,
50 miles (80 km) NE of Portland, OR
Lat / Long: 46.2 N, 122.2 W
Volcanic Type: Stratovolcano
Volcanic Status: Active, last eruption 1987
First Ascent: Thomas Dryer, 1853
First Ski Ascent: Hans-Otto Giese and Otto Strizek, 1933


Skiable Vertical: over 6000 ft (1800 m)
Timberline: 4600-5000 ft (1400-1500 m)
Administration: Gifford Pinchot National Forest



This is a picture of Mount Saint Helens showing what is happening.

A picture to show where Mt Saint Helens is.

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